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System Requirements


  • Scan

    Scans your Android phone for threats like viruses, fake or malicious apps.

    Cloud Scanning

    With Cloud Scanning, it takes lesser time to scan your device for threats.


    Remotely lock, locate or wipe your Android phone if it is lost or stolen.

    Boost Performance

    Improves your phone’s performance for heavy-duty tasks like gaming or working with multiple apps at the same time.

    Network Monitor

    Check and control data usage, and manage the networks being used on your phone.

    Security Advisor

    Recommends measures to help increase the security level of your device.

    Privacy Advisor

    Some apps might access the Internet, your messages, and other personal information. Privacy Advisor helps you identify such apps.

    Secure Delete

    If you are selling off your phone, use Secure Delete to erase your data permanently.

    Call & SMS Block

    Blacklist unwanted numbers from calling you or sending you text messages.


    Telemarketing calls bothering you? Use TRAI to block them.

    International Call Block

    Block calls from unknown international numbers.

    Privacy Protection

    Maintain a private list of phone contacts. Secure their messages and call logs with a PIN.

    App Lock

    Secure your mobile apps by locking them with a unique password.

    Battery Saver

    Kill power-hungry apps with one tap and extend your phone’s battery life.


    Protects your sensitive information while you are shopping or banking on mobile payment apps.

    Intruders Detection

    If anyone enters a wrong password 2 times consecutively (to unlock your phone), this feature will click a picture of the person using its front and rear camera.

    Scan Before Download

    A proactive feature that scans apps for threats even before you download them from the Google Play Store.

    Background Scan

    Runs silently in the background scanning for threats without slowing down the phone.


    For more details, please refer to the product datasheet of Quick Heal Antivirus for Mobile

  • System Requirements

  • Supported Android versions

    • 4.0 and later.

    Supported screen resolutions

    • Supports all screen sizes.