Social Media has evolved as a part of marketing today. Superabundance of content, either user-created or educative, is accumulated, parsed or refined and presented in a context that is absorbed by people who are eager to build connections with people, brands or products that they can build a community around.

Being the versatile platform that it is, Social media has the tremendous capacity to provide the relevant pitch to Small businesses for amplifying their presence and value proposition among existing and potential stakeholders. These platforms leveraged to aid and augment social communication can create a great deal of value. But it is important to be careful in your approach.

Small businesses can incorporate some mainstream policies while using social media as a part of their strategic marketing decisions:

  • Be well-informed about the security and privacy guidelines of these platforms. This also includes a periodic review of the default user settings.
  • A business account in these platforms should be used as a medium of dissemination of information related to the product, services or brand. Such accounts should not be treated as personal diaries.
  • Create strong passwords for these sites; passwords that are generally a mix of upper and lower case letters, symbols, and numbers.
  • The rich and thriving real-time nature of the social media platforms attracts individuals, enterprises and also hackers. The risks of social engineering through malware and hacking are higher on such platforms. Initiating user-response to run a program they ideally should not, participate in fake schemes or provide personal information is much easier. Hence, these sites should be accessed from a fully protected computer.
  • A little caution practiced while deciding which links to click goes a long way from preventing embedded malwares attacks that would otherwise automatically spread to the entire contact list.

A dedicated and interactive audience attracts a lot of malware and contrivers. Annoying pop-ups in office PCs and laptops, malware that can paralyze your entire small business IT architecture can attribute to a huge toll on productivity and monetary loss.

Social media opens up a world of opportunities and has gradually taken precedence over the more formal and traditional corporate communication framework. Innovative thick application mash-ups/web applications (combination of two or more apps together to create a new one) have further accentuated the use. This also brings an interesting challenge in managing security.

Top antivirus software like Quick Heal brings all the security solutions into one computer-scanning engine for your ease. Features like AntiVirus, AntiSpyware, AntiMalware, AntiSpam, AntiPhishing, Parental Control, PCTuner, etc., give multi-layered protection for your PC along with added security for your mobile phones.

A highly reliable and prompt cloud-based web security just like one implemented in Quick Heal will automatically stop your browser (no matter which browser you use) from visiting malicious website. Such solutions will also help you in saving your Internet from being depleted and exploited. The threat exposure is considerably minimized.

There is no single remedy to the maladies that social media might purport. But the most effective way to deal with the negatives is by educating your employees regarding the potential problems that can creep in while using such tools. Use social media properly and it will prove to be invaluable in your effort to reinforce existing customer relations and capture the hearts and minds of new clients.