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Computer viruses and what they mean to you

A brief introduction to computer viruses and how they can impact your digital devices and associated experiences.

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Checklist to follow while using Internet

The Internet fun-ride does come with certain issues. The more time you spend brwosing, the more attacks you might expose yourself to. Here are some simple steps to help you use the Internet without exposing your PC and information to attacks.

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Bullet-proofing the Internet for your child

An increasing number of children are using the internet. It is important that healthy internet activities be promoted in children. But how do parents do that? Read on

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Are you the spam –Junkie?

Spam is irritating. It is annoying when you open your inbox and see it inflated with unwanted emails. But do you kow that spam is at times unwittingly generated by us? Identify the fine line between compulsive spammer and the intermittent email sender.

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Apps that every parent should know about

Now-a-days children use mobile devices and a variety of applications on them. But are all applications secure? This article highlights some of the most popular applications and what precautions parents should take to safeguard their children while using them.

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Preventive measures before social media plunge for your small business

Today social media is an important marketing tool for small businesses.While small businesses are rapidly incorporating social media as a part of their strategic marketing decisions, it is imaprative to understand the risk involved.

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Addressing security concerns on the Android – the 'What' and 'How' of it…

The Android platform not only offers a lot of versatlity but is one of the most widely accepted platforms. This article talks about the security related issues that the Android platform usually prone to and effective ways of countering such issues.

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5 Simple steps to online safety for your kids

The Internet has drastically changed the way children interact with the world. The new way of connecting to the world via internet offers new risks. To deal with these risks as parents we have come up with these helpful tips for you.

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