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Get Complete Freedom with Privacy no matter wherever you go on the internet!

Protect your digital footprint, keep your family safe online, and enjoy peace of mind with Quick Heal. The smart and simple way to protect your online identity is here!

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Protecting Privacy

Get complete online freedom!

Protect your privacy by taking control of your data and creating a safe browsing experience for you and your family.

Safeguarding Anonymity

Worried about being tracked online?

Keep your true identity private, know when you are being tracked, and remain anonymous while leading a public life!

Ensuring Security

Choose what the experts use! Get the unbeatable protection for your entire family with advanced features and high performance.

Take control of your personal data and online privacy

We believe online privacy should be simple. Choose to remain anonymous and keep what you do on the internet totally private with Quick Heal.

Data Breach Alert New

Be vigilant against leakage of personal data by any website. Prevent possible data breach and protect your data from unauthorized access.

Full Scan

Scan your mobile for any malware, malicious attacks to keep you safe. Award winning antivirus protection against all virus attacks and infections.


We help you manage what’s right for your family online.

Protecting the ones closest to us is something we instinctively do. Give your children a safe browsing experience and create healthy digital habits with Quick Heal.

Alert on Camera & Microphone

Alerts you when your mobile camera or microphone is turned on, so that hackers don’t get unauthorised access to your private life.

Parental Control

Restrict inappropriate websites for your children and give them a safe browsing experience without any worries.


Get protection against targeted attacks for uninterrupted experience

Stop invasive online tracking, pop-up ads, and block advertisers from monitoring everything you do online with Quick Heal. Browse privately and confidently with enhanced protection!

Web Security

Safeguards you from dangerous websites, phishing attacks to protect you from fraudulent activities. You get notified if a link is dangerous to open.

Safe Banking

Protect your online banking activities with robust features. Keep your banking and shopping experience private.


Interactive & User-Friendly Interface

Go online with full freedom

Enjoy the Internet without compromising on your privacy with all-new Quick Heal

Quick Heal Total Security for Android

Advanced protection for your Android smartphone from viruses, malware, harmful apps, and mobile banking threats.

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The Easiest way to protect your mobile life

Stay safe when you go online by scanning links, downloads, and email attachments for threats and avoiding unsecured Wi-Fi networks.

  • Data Breach Alert: Check if your personal info has been leaked online
  • Scan: 100% security from any malicious software present in your phone
  • Alert on camera and microphone usage: Get notified if any app is using your camera and microphone to be alert
  • Parental Control: Block inappropriate content for your siblings/children to keep them safe
  • SafePe: 100% secured transactions for any payment made via phone

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