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Quick Heal PC2Mobile Scan


PC2Mobile Scan is an inbuilt feature of the best antivirus solution, Quick Heal Total Security. This smart feature provides virus protection for mobiles. It effectively scans for virus and malwares in mobile devices. To use this feature, you can connect your mobile device via:



You can find a list of mobiles that support Quick Heal PC2Mobile Scan here.


If your mobile device supports both Bluetooth and USB functionality, we recommend the use of USB cables for better results.



Important Requirements for PC2Mobile Scan:




Known Issues:


My mobile is not supported by PC2Mobile scan. Please register my device for the service.



Quick Heal PC2Mobile Scan supports the following mobile devices:



Windows Mobile - All Windows Smartphones having operating system Windows Mobile version 3.0 and earlier versions of 7.0 are supported, e.g., O2, HP, HTC, i-mate, Motorola, Samsung, Siemens, and T-Mobile.



Note: This mobile security feature has been discontinued for the following mobile device:




We regularly provide support for new models of mobile devices. For an updated list of supported mobile devices, please keep visiting this page.