• - Basant Sekhani

    I have been working with Quick Heal since May 2003. The kind of work we do here is quite challenging and phenomenal, Quick Heal is known for its quality and simplicity. Here, quality is not limited to the Quality Assurance Team only. Every team strives to ensure that as an organization, we are not compromising on the overall quality of our products and services. The R&D teams ensure that our products and solutions are analyzed, designed, developed, and tested based on three primary objectives which include simplicity, quality, and constant improvement.

  • - Deena Awate

    I have always found Quick Heal management ready to understand the genuine needs and flexibility that any woman employee would require in different phases of her life in order to have a healthy work-life balance. Having this need understood and at the same time receiving equal opportunities is like a cherry on the top. Never would you get a feeling that being a woman employee you are not given the same challenges as those of your male peers. You are respected and recognized for the value that you bring to the organization. Being at Quick Heal has helped me believe in myself.

  • - Vikas Tiwari

    It’s been almost 11 years with Quick Heal. I describe this organization’s culture as ‘I love my work’. The biggest reason behind this belief is my experience with Quick Heal's learning culture in terms of opportunities for everyone to Learn, Implement & Explore under the guidance of mentors and with a pool of talented team members. And we all live by this belief. Learning is a never ending process, and it’s a place where what you learn you get a chance to implement, and what you are asked to implement you learn a lot from it.

  • - Mayank Dikshit

    The thrill, excitement and honor to be part of this Indian story is truly amazing. You don’t get an opportunity to work on the ground floor very often, rubbing shoulders with some of the smartest people who have contributed significantly to help grow this organization organically over the years. In my view, Quick Heal is one in a generation kind of Product Company in India. Besides its humble beginnings, what really sets this organization apart is its simplicity, passion, drive, and commitment to keep every customer safe.

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