Technical Papers

This section is dedicated to papers that are based on experiments and practice of germane issues regarding security. Some of these papers have been presented at International security seminars and technical conferences. The range of papers are aimed at system administrators, security specialists or academicians interested in understanding the issues.

The Complete story of EMOTET

Emotet started as a banking trojan but this paper will shed light on how it has also become a "threat distributor". We will also discuss server-side and client-side activity and how it spreads.

EternalBlue - A Prominent Threat Actor of 2017-2018

This Technical paper outlines the usage of the Fuzzbunch exploit framework, details of MS17-010 patch, and insights into the EternalBlue exploit and DoublePulsar payload.

Automated Malware (mis)Classification and Challenges

This paper talks about Quick Heal’s study regarding Anti-Malware and Automated Malware Classification. It also discusses the preventive measures against Automated Malware.




Web Browser Sandboxing: Security Against Web Attacks

The evolution of web attacks and their vulnerabilities, the need for a ‘Sandbox’ environment and its progress were the topics that were studied and presented in this paper.




Introduction to malware and malware analysis

This paper systematically gives an introduction to the varieties of samples that come under the scope of malware, their distinguishing features, prerequisites for malware analysis and an overview of the malware analysis process.000


Behaviors based detection for files infectors

The proliferation of complex and sophisticated malware requires more than the current heuristic detections that are used by traditional anti-virus software. This paper is an insightful take on the need for behavior-based detection for file infecting vi

The Evolution of Fake Apps

The rapid surge in FakeApps on Android Platforms has been a problem point, for both, Google as well as its consumers. Find out The various channels through which FakeApps enter users' phones.

Quick Heal's Web Filtering Service
Quick Heal’s Web Filtering Service provide the most effective way to block access to unwanted content and protect users against web-based threats using real-time, Deep learning-based intelligence. Read our Whitepaper to know more.
Android Accessibility
Android Accessibility Features is an all-new way to have a conversation. Designed for people with disabilities, the features are a boon making digital media accessible with just a tab. Read the whitepaper to know more about how to leverage the security fe