Committed To Creating A Sustainable Future

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Committed To Creating A Sustainable Future

Sustainability is part of our DNA and our core values have guided our ESG practices, which seek to drive growth and empower communities through our corporate decision-making processes.

We believe that by engaging with stakeholders - including employees, clients, and partners - we can do our part to improve sustainability, better serve our community, and simultaneously deliver out performance for our company.

This begins with leading in those areas where we have the skills and ability to make an impact, be it on a local, national, or global level.

We recognize our responsibility to protect the environment we are in, promote social welfare and development, and always operate with good governance practices. We have implemented a range of initiatives, broadly classified under three pillars, that align with our values and contribute to a more sustainable future.

Our Focus Areas

We endeavor to proactively guide our operations to deliver solutions and products with minimal impact on our environment. For this, we collaborate with stakeholders, industry experts, civil societies, and service providers to harness their expertise and efficiency. Care is taken to comply with local environmental regulations as appropriate while driving thought leadership and innovation for sustainable practices.

As an organization, Quick Heal is committed to being a responsible member of the community and supports a range of programs and activities that enhance local, regional, and impacted communities.
Driven by our goal is to make ‘Cyber Safety a fundamental right for all’, we believe in taking actions that will create a well-informed society that is cyber secure. We collaborate with all our stakeholders, partners, customers, investors, industry bodies and local administrations to further the cause of Cyber Safety. As an organization, Quick Heal uses Education and Health Care as two leavers to bring about societal impact.
We continue to adopt and implement programs that enhance the welfare of our own employees as well as partners and motivate them to act in the interest of society.

In accordance with our commitment to good corporate governance, we adhere to a robust set of policies, procedures, and guidelines rooted in sound ethics.
We have proactively upheld good governance practices and are constantly striving to enhance our standards. Our corporate governance framework complies with the Indian Companies Act, SEBI regulations, and listing agreements with Indian stock exchanges. To strengthen our culture of compliance, we have our policies and procedures which are duly updated in line with Government laws. In addition, the company also relies on committee structures to ensure its most senior and experienced professionals focus on core business objectives following the business ethics and integrity.


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