Free Ransomware Decryption Tool

Ransomware is a malware that locks your computer or encrypts your files and demands a ransom (money) in exchange. There's no guarantee that you'll get your data back even after you pay the ransom.

Quick Heal has developed a tool that can help decrypt files encrypted by the following types of ransomware. The tool is free and can be used without any hassle.

Please click on 'DOWNLOAD TOOL' to begin the decryption.

Troldesh Ransomware [.xtbl]

Crysis Ransomware [.CrySiS]

Cryptxxx Ransomware [.crypt]

Ninja Ransomware [$.777]

Apocalypse Ransomware [.encrypted]

Nemucod Ransomware [.crypted]

ODC Ransomware [.odcodc]

LeChiffre Ransomware [.LeChiffre]

Globe1 Ransomware [.hnyear]

Globe2 Ransomware [.blt]

Globe3 Ransomware [.decrypt2017]

DeriaLock Ransomware [.deria]

Opentoyou Ransomware []

Globe3 Ransomware [.globe & .happydayzz]

Troldesh Ransomware [.dharma]

Troldesh Ransomware [.wallet]

Troldesh Ransomware [.onion]

Satan DBGer Ransomware [.dbger]

STOP Djvu Ransomware [.shadow/.promok/.fordan/.codnat/.forasom/.dotmap/.ferosas/.rectot/.skymap/.rezuc/.mogera/.djvu/.djvuq/.djvur/.djvus/.djvut/.djvuu/.pdff/.tfude/.tfudeq/.tro/.udjvu/.uudjvu/.tro/.udjvu/.uudjvu/.tfudet/.adobe/.adobee/.blower/.promos/.promok/.promoz/.promock/.promorad/.promorad2/.kroput/.kroput1/.charck/.kropun/.doples/.luces/.luceq/.chech/.pulsar1/.proden/.drume/.tronas/.trosak/.grovas/.grovat/.raldug/.roland/.etols/.guvara/.norvas/.moresa/.verasto/.hrosas/.kiratos/.todarius/.roldat/.dutan/.sarut/.pidon/.poret/.davda/.lanset/.stone/.berost/.heroset/.gerosan/.boston/.muslat/.vesad/.neras/.horon/.dalle/.redmat/.radman/.lotep/.truke/.nusar/.besub/.litar/.lokas/.cezor/.hofos/.godes/.budak/.heran/.berosuce/.gusau/.madek/.Dodoc/.lapoi/.tocue/.todar/.bopador/.novasof/.ndarod/.access/.format/.nelasod/.mogranos/.lotej/.prandel/.zatrov/.masok/.brusaf/.londec]

GandCrab Ransomware [Random Extension : Need ransom note for decryption]

Hermatic Ransomware[].encryptedJB] (Supports files up to 1 MB)


Steps to use the Decryption Tool

Click Download Tool and save the zip file on the system having the encrypted files. Extract the file.

Right click on the extracted file and select Run as administrator to view the Decryption Window.

Press Y to start the scan. The tool will automatically scan the entire system for supported encrypted files. When an encrypted file is found, the tool will decrypt the file in its respective folder while keeping a copy of the encrypted file at the same time.

After the scan is complete, the decryption tool will show the final status displaying the number of encrypted files found and how many files were successfully decrypted. The detailed information about the decryption status of each file can be obtained from the 'Decryption.log' generated in the same folder of the tool.

Thereafter, you can open the decrypted files and verify if they are accessible/readable again.

If you require any assistance with the Decryption Tool, please call us on 1800-121-7377 or visit our Support Center page.