How do I set my Internet setting in case of proxy or sock4/5 connection?

If you are "using a proxy server" or "using Socks Version 4 & 5" on your network. You need to configure "Internet Settings" of Registration Wizard to get Internet access.

Please follow the below given steps to configure Internet Settings

In Registration Wizard, select 'Yes' to "I have Internet access on this computer" and click on "Internet Settings".

Under Proxy Settings, select the Use proxy check box.

Choose HTTP Proxy, Socks V 4 or SOCKS V 5 as per your settings and then do the following.

In Server, type IP address of the proxy server or domain name (e.g.,

In Port, type the port number of the proxy server (e.g., 80).

In User name and Password, type your server logon credentials.

Click OK.

Click Apply.