Cyber Safety for Youth: Quick Heal kicks off “Cyber Shiksha for Cyber Suraksha” and “Earn & Learn” Initiatives

  • First leg of the flagship initiative aims to sensitize over 7,00,000 students on Cybersecurity
  • 1400 volunteers from 25 Institutions will receive training and a monthly stipend.

Pune, Maharashtra - 25 July 2022 – India has become an economic powerhouse in the global landscape, thanks to its unprecedented growth in every sector, especially technology. Over the years, the country has metamorphosed technologically, economically, and socially into a digital nation.

While this has brought great convenience to the public, one cannot discount that vulnerabilities have grown multifold amid the rising intensity of the internet and the growing proliferation of technologies like 5G. One of the critical reasons for this vulnerability is the limited understanding of cybersecurity. We believe that being a pioneer in cybersecurity, protecting society’s digital way of life is our responsibility. With that responsibility, we want to contribute to the safety and well-being of our future generations.

Quick Heal Foundation (QHF) aims to train youth on cybersecurity under our “Cyber Shiksha for Cyber Suraksha” initiative with the belief that students, once trained, will be instrumental in bringing awareness to the entire society. To motivate students to participate in this initiative, we intend to offer them a stipend under our “Earn & Learn” program

This is a pan-India initiative starting in Maharashtra. The state has been divided into five zones for operational effectiveness – Mumbai, Pune, Central & North Maharashtra, Vidarbha, and West Maharashtra. Quick Heal Foundation is screening and training volunteers from 25 institutions across these zones, including C. L. Valia College, D. Y Patil College, and Government Institute of Forensic Science. The foundation will reach more than 2,500 schools and colleges to execute over 3,500 events. Activities like marathons, walkathons, short films, and street plays have been designed to increase participation and spread awareness. Each zone will celebrate the Cyber Champions at a mega conclave at the end of the program. This drive is expected to sensitize over 7,00,000 students. Furthermore, 20 to 25 police officers from 15 cyber police stations will also participate in the training and awareness program.

Talking about these programs, Mrs. Anupama Katkar, Chairperson, Quick Heal Foundation, said, “The internet is omnipresent, and so are cybercrimes. Quick Heal Foundation (QHF), as an advocate of cybersecurity, takes up the onus to enlighten the country’s youth - on responsible usage of the internet.

We hope our endeavour will encourage the students to adopt safe internet practices and also become cyber warriors spreading cybersecurity awareness in society.”

About Quick Heal Technologies Limited:

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About Quick Heal Foundation:

Quick Heal Foundation is the CSR arm of Quick Heal Technologies Limited, Global leading cybersecurity products, and solutions company. We have leveraged over 25 years of experience in simplifying security to chart a brand new course in our journey – towards ‘Securing Futures.’

Our initiatives in corporate social responsibility address pressing challenges to development outlined by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Through efforts to promote education, employment enhancement, vocational training & cybersecurity awareness, we seek to provide innovative and technology-based solutions to these global hurdles. Implemented by the Quick Heal Foundation, each of these initiatives go on to help ensure a future with a promise of success and security for all.