Gartner, a leading market research company, states that buyers spent over $36 billion in buying laptops in the year 2010 alone. A surge in demand for laptops has brought a simultaneous, if not proportionate rise in the availability of laptop tracking software. However, it is strange to note that none of these so-called avant-garde technologies are treated as mandatory built-ins for laptops. As is often the case, the reliability ends with the hard disk being formatted after the laptop is stolen - a glitch big enough to render them completely futile.

Most tracking software have to be installed and require a remote signal using the system’s GPS or Wi-Fi hot spots to trigger signals via emails or SMSs. Laptop thieves don’t usually wait for the laptop to connect and most hard disks are formatted even before the software wakes up. There is no assurance or connection or database that would allow a user the peace of mind or the law enforcers with information to depend on to locate or restore a stolen laptop to its rightful owner.

Quick Heal, the leading provider of security solutions, has recently launched ‘TrackMyLaptop’, a free service which helps users to track their lost or stolen laptops. ‘Track My Laptop’ is a unique service platform that caters to the dearth of a utility that helps users and law enforcers nail a laptop theft. Available through a simple web URL, it is free for anyone, users as well as non-users of Quick Heal. It is a dedicated platform for the laptop community worldwide, where hundreds of owners can feed the details about their stolen laptops. Through this platform, a repository of all such details about stolen laptops is getting created.

‘TrackMyLaptop’ gives law enforcement authorities a specialized access that allows them to dig into the growing repository of data to pinpoint a theft.

This new and unique platform empowers three distinct categories of people – a) the owners whose laptops have been stolen, b) the people who are looking to purchase second-hand laptops and want to ensure that they are not purchasing a stolen laptop and c) the law enforcement authorities who now have access to a huge database of stolen laptops thus helping them to identify stolen laptops and know the real owners of those.

The verification about the stolen laptop happens based on the MAC address of the laptop. This ensures 100% verification even if the laptop is formatted after theft.

With laptop theft becoming one of the foremost causes of identity theft and security breaches, something that even the United States Navy is vulnerable to, there is a growing need for a common forum which unites law enforcers and victims of thefts to trace and retrieve their laptops.

Over 80,000 laptops get stolen every year and retracing them becomes a cumbersome and almost forlorn process. The law enforcement authorities receive a lot of stolen laptop complaints and trailing the owner becomes a huge task, especially when the theft is unregistered. ‘TrackMyLaptop’is a sincere effort on the part of Quick Heal to provide a service that is readily accessible and reliable especially for the law enforcement authorities to refer to the huge database for confirming a theft. It is free and doesn’t require the user or the authorities to physically scrutinize details or be present for zeroing in on a theft. The platform has been created keeping in mind a global audience and the vast numbers of laptop thefts that run into millions every year.